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Day 13 - Claravis



What's new: Two blisters on bottom lip. Back pain.

My face: Last night I noticed a blister on the side of my lower lip. Didn't hurt, it was just there. Applied aquaphor last night (like usual) and it's almost gone this morning. But then I also woke up with a new one in the center of my bottom lip (posted pic in gallery, but it's hard to see). These aren't on my lip line, but on my lip. Both smaller than an eraser top. Searched online, and I guess these can be a side effect of Accutane. Ugh. I'm not one to get blisters or cold sores, so I'm a little uncomfortable about these guys. Hopefully it's just these two and that's it. Nothing is new on my face otherwise - no new pimples. The pimple on my lower chin and the one on my neck are still there, but going away. And that's it for active pimples. Face is still red. Only a few flakes on my face this morning. No peely lips this morning.

Everything else: So I have not had any back pain until last night. So my lower back kind of hurts and my upper back, by my shoulder blade hurts in a very specific place to the point where I've tried to crack it a bunch assuming that's all it is - I need to crack my back. But I can't. And last night I sweat a lot in my sleep. And woke up with a dry throat. Still taking my supplements and drinking a lot of water - so hopefully this won't get worse, but better. Yesterday after my shower I put morrocanoil right on my scalp and it didn't itch all day.


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