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AHA is bullshit



So everyone on here swears by that stuff. I bought a bottle hoping it would work like a charm when actually it gave me the worst acne EVER!!! This was like a month ago. My face is completely recovered except for my forehead which has a lot of tiny bumps that refuse to go away. So do my back and chest. My back was the worst its still recovering from the tens of little bumps i got. SO annoying! It went right in the trash. I only used it for 2 days and hated it.

I wasnt expecting it to be magic but I wasnt expecting it to completely mess up my skin in only 2 days!! ouch. All im trying to say is.. it doesnt work on everyone.

AHA+= ze worst (borat accent)

My skin is looking great improvement on my chest and shoulders im feeling great about my skin overall :(


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