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Day 55



Woke up with a huuuuge pimple on my right cheek this morning. Popped it as soon as I felt it. It's gonna scar, I just know it... :(

Hyperpigmentation on my left cheek is very stubborn. It just refuses to go away and it's pretty difficult to cover up.

Overall, I feel like Accutane's effect on my acne has stalled. I was like 85% clear after the first month, dry skin, very small breakouts, etc. Now I feel that I've regressed back to getting cysts more often, and the scars the cysts leave are bad. I know that the 'tane is working, though, because my arms and hands are covered in tiny dry pale and red dots. The skin there is sooooo thin.

Got my blood and urine done today. Hope it comes out all right, since I did have a drink last night for St. Patrick's day.

Derm appointment on monday!

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It's crazy how Accutane affects everyone in a different way. I had really bad breakouts my first month and a half. I'm at the end of my 2nd month now and my right cheek is totally clear of cysts. I might get an occasional white head or black head but nothing major that doesn't clear in a day. Same for my forehead. But my left cheek by my jaw is a different story....I have 4 cysts there but they are a lot flatter and smaller than they used to be. Don't worry, it'll get better. I'm on day 58 now, so we are very close to each other. My triglycerides were 243 last month and that was after redoing my blood work and fasting!! So my derm put me on a low fat diet which I am proud to say I stuck with. I've lost 7 lbs in 3 weeks & today I got my results back.....triglycerides are now 147!! Almost 100 points down!! Hope you have great blood work & less breakouts!! Good luck to you! :-

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