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Day 47



Since cutting out gluten and having no dairy (aswell as sticking to this candida diet pretty strictly over the past few days....apart from the odd diet coke) my skin looks reasonably ok except for quite a few scars here and there. I am trying to lessen the redness of scars by dabbing lemon juice on them at night and it may slowly be working (or it could be just my bodys natural healing process)

Anyway i'm quite excited by the prospect of having no gluten in my diet as a lot of people have cleared their skin through avoiding it and dairy in particular. Ive given up my yeast free soda bread and replaced it with free range eggs. My diet at the moment consists of;

Rice milk with organic whole grain rice (am thinking of switching to Almond milk which is apparently a healthier option and lower in sugar)

Organic eggs (two a day)

Salad with virgin olive oil.

Rice cakes (with dairy-free sunflower oil or coconut oil as a spread)

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Chicken (and occasionally turkey)

Veg- collyflower, cabbage, green beans

Sweet pottato (try and have these everyday)

Thats about it really. Nothing too inflammatory there surely? :(

As for the supplements, i'm finishing my caprylic acid supplements and then i'm not going to use them anymore. The massive 'die off' reaction you're supposed to get with them has been non existent, even on the highest dose, and i just feel they are an expensive waste of money. I do have to say though that since replacing my old anti histamines with the more natural quercetin i do feel that my nasal breathing hasn't got any worse at all. In the past if i went two/three days or more with out my anti histamines i would get hayfever and start sneezing and getting a runny nose. The quercetin tablets seemed to have stabilised things on that front.


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