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D 58



Today is day 58, so im almost done with month 2 - and this means im half way in my course!!!! FARR OOUUTTT cant believe it.

Yesterday i woke up with a really bad stomach ache (like up where the stomach actually is, close to the bottom of the rib cage area) and it lasted most of the day. I have had similar pain before, and it was apparently gall bladder pain, associated with actions my liver was undertaking at the time. The fact that it is back when i am taking roac makes me nervous. I am hoping i have no liver damage or anything. If it happens again, i think ill call the derm.

Sore nose and eyes today, usual tiredness. Cyst is still shrinking. I noticed a rough patch of skin near my elbow - nothing too drastic though. Hair continues to fall out.

I wore bronzer on my cheek bones today - just to give me some colour. I look so washed out...I seem really pale now.


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