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stupid chin cyst



i forgot how nasty these chin cyst can be! omg it f hurts!!

also its not gone down or showin signs or coming to a head fml

i am really anoyed at it meeting the gf today and gosh ill be facing my right side to her soshe dunt spot it and hopefully itl be dark by the time i see her!! ffs its so annoyinn and silly how this can get to me but it is! its just i really expect not to be dealing with this right now!

anyways i think its because for one i dont do the regimin on my chin as i dont really get spots here and 2 if i do the regimen here y chin just gets tooooo dry no matter how little bp i use!!

my cyst under the skin mark thing looks kind of raised i really hope i dont get a cyst there!!!!!! please i really do!! i dunno if im being paranoid or what or if im examining my facet too much, i hope its just normal and doesnt turn into a spot or anything! :(

also i tend to get dry skin on my chin i dont exfoliate here, on my cheeks i do, like with my hand when im in the shower or washing my face to get rid of dead skin. i think thats how its come as it was a blocked pore amongst dead skin which then after about 1 or 2 weeks turnd into a cyst. maybe i should have tried squeezing it out? owell have to deal with it.

anyways the one on my nose god ive been picking at that like god nows what.! hopefully itl heal over the weekend.

i also cover my acne during the day i know i dont break out from this foundation as ive been using it for some time now even though i read that it an be comedegenic on these boards but its been fine withme ive been using rimmel foundation and i think its ok. i only use it on my hyperpigmentation and that red cyst mark to make going out more bareable. i put it on using a little brush only on areas where i need it to make it look natural.

thats is all i really want nice skin for the sumer i think ive had this crappy skin for too long!!! and its time it looked good!

acne go away already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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