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So things were starting to look up for me. Ive been wearing my sunglases lately and today when i walked in the bathroom and looked in the mirror... I had a pimple on my nose! luckily it was only a red dot and its already healing. I hadnt had a pimple grow on my nose since 7th grade! so glad it didnt came out as a full blown zit. New little pimple growing on my t zone. other than that skin is looking pretty good, clearing up on chin and very smooth and soft skin overall.

Edit: OH! I forgot to mention. My manager from my old store told me my skin was really clearing up. People are starting to notice. That made me smile. Its 10pm and the little blemish on my nose is almost gone. My purpose for this week is to drink as much water as posible. I have a Trenta cup on my desk im gonna try to drink 4 of those a day (4 liters of water).


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