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42 And clear at last !!





I have been searching/researching for about a year now to finally ,once and for all ,get rid of my acne..In my 40s and still with pimples and scars NOT acceptable. Well...this is it, I've finally found what works, for me and hopefully for others to try as well. I am here to share so I can help others get rid of this skin disease, yes I said disease ! My background first...I've been into health and fitness for over 20 years eating pretty clean, taking vitamins , albeit inconsistantly, excercising regularly, normal bodyweight ect. So....why "did"I have acne, I thought ??? Acne made me realise that my body internally was NOT as healthy as I had assumed ...so..the search was on! This is what I have found that works for me to keep me clear, I hope it works for you as well. My suplements, Zinc, B complex, vita C, chromium, vita A, fish oil caps, probiotics. What I drink, lots of water with fresh lemon juice , 4 cups of Japanese Green Tea. What I STAY AWAY FROM :...DAIRY, and peanuts (caused huge cysts), soy,chocolate, (only special occasions,) fatty red meat,sugar, wheat ,(only for B-days holidays, ect. ) avoid processed foods, My diet...lots of veggies, moderate fruit, lean protein, fish , chicken , occasional lean red meat, whole grain rice, sweet potatoes, brown rice pasta. Skin regime: African Black Soap, green tea on face, PM honey mask, aloe vera gel for moisture, and that's it, pretty simple ! Diet was half the battle, supplements,Green Tea and water and skin regime the other half . I hope this is helpful to all that read this....