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Day 11 - Claravis



What's new: Blackheads are going away, new pimple on left chin and two new on left neck

My face: It's amazing how quickly pimples are coming and going. It's nice b/c it's always been such a bummber when I feel a new one sprouting, but now, since being on Accutane, it's not such a downer b/c I know (well so far) that it will be on its way out in less than 24 hrs. I note this b/c yesterday around 5pm I noticed I had a new pimple on my chin, this morning it's dead. It's still around, but it's inactive (just a red pump, but not sore). Then last night I noticed that I had two new pimples on my neck, right next to e/o, they aren't gone yet, but I'm hopeful by end of day, they also will be dead.

And the blackheads on my nose that I honestly don't pay attention to b/c they've been there all my life, well last night I noticed a huge change - they're hardly there anymore. Where did they go? I don't get it. B/c I didn't notice them coming out - is it possible they would wash off when in the shower/or washing face at night? It doesn't really matter - just excited to see they're almost gone. My nose looks completely different (at least to me:).

Face is now pretty dry. Last night I used the Cetaphil Cream (instead of lotion) mixed with the Restoraderm. I'm at the dryness stage where when you apply lotion you can see little skin on the face with the lotion, if that makes sense. This morning, my face was still moisturized. So after I wash my face in the AM, I'm globbing on the lotion. It looks like it's super greasy, but I don't care. I'd rather it be uber moisterized then peeling. Lips were peely again when I woke up. But once I put on the aquaphor that goes away.

Everything else: Nothing new - everything else is fine. Still working out everyday, no problems. Drinking tons of water. Getting good sleep.


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