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i dont whether to be upset or abit relieved.

im upset as i have a cyst on the side of my chin which was a blocked pore.

but happy because its on my chin and not my cheeks, my cheeks dont need to go through

the cyst trauma, seen as though its likely to scar and i already have a few little scars.

meeting the gf on fri!

gosh i feel so paro about this cyst thingy eurghhhhhhhh

i hope it goes down. im just going to keep slapping mb frying cream on.

ill start doing other stupid stuff after fri as i dont want it to be horrible and sore when i go see er.

i also have a under the skin thing whih i stomped with mario badescu it seemed to be getting nasty but when i started putting the drying lotion it went away fast, only thin now though is that its under the skin and im afraid it may come up anytime grrrrr



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