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Day 28



ok....haven't written in a while, but I've got a good reason.

Because I find no words. It really works. It really works!! Fu--ing amazing. And it's only been 28 days. My macules, developed during 10 years of constant breakouts may finally have some rest and recover from the battle. And you know what? I have 180 days to go - looooong time for healing!!

In 8 days I've not had a single cyst. Nothing. Not one. Nada.

Good night!!


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Great to hear about the progress! Ill be crossing my fingers for you and hope all stays clear! Well and its st.pattys day and we all need to drink green beer!!

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hi bubsbug, sorry for my late reply, but thank you for crossing your fingers. I'll be crossing them for you too :)Today it's my 37th day and I'm still improving Time for some non alcoholic beer :-

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