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Things are looking up!



Hello! Im barista brat! Im a Starbucks barista from SoCal. Ive been struggling with acne since I was 13. I've tried everything over the years and even tried a dermatologist who gave me some antibiotics that made my acne go away. Then I moved to California and stopped taking the antibiotics. This last year has been the worst skin of my life. I started breaking out on shoulders, lower back, chest (this ones the worst cause even though its only a couple of zits they take forever to heal) and all over my face.

I finally found what works for me after trial & error for the past year. Here's my regimen:

morning and night

-PanOxyl 10% BP wash

-Acne.org 2.5% BP gel

-Moisturizer! this was the key to my skin looking better than ever. I use clean & clear's dual action 0.5% salicylic acid.

-1 50mg Zinc tablet every night with dinner. This made my zits way smaller.

My face is almos 100% clear which is a luxury i hadnt had in over a year. I still break out a little bit on my shoulders. Im using Mederma cream for scars on chest to make those little red scars go away. As a barista and talking to people all day im glad at least my face is totally clear so Im not shy when interacting with customers.


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