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Day 10 - Claravis



What's new: Dry skin b/t eyebrows, first stage of peely lips and two new, small pimples on side of my nostril.

My face: So last night I went to bed with the waxy lip feeling. I wasn't sure what people meant when they said this in blogs, but now I get it. My lips felt like there was a thin layer of silky skin over them when I gooped on the aquaphor. And then this morning there was some peely skin on my lips. The peely skin rubbed off, and no more peeling right now. But I assume they'll just get worse from here. I aslo woke up with a sore right nostril. Then looked in the mirror and saw a couple small, new zits on the side (not whiteheads, just small red bumps right now). Those are the only active pimples on my face. Otherwise, face is still red around my nose, lower cheeks and chin. And no dry eyes today (although as I typed that I feel like they just got dry:). Also, if I have a peely flake on my skin and scratch it to get it off, that often just makes more peely skin. So yeah, guess that's it for the face.

Everything else: Everything else is still good. Same itchy scalp, but no peelng or flaking. No dry patches on any parts of the body. For the first time yesterday I used the Cetaphil cream on my arms to keep them moisturized in case I do get arm/hand rashes (and to see just how thick that Cetaphil cream is). I woke up this morning and my arms were still moisturized, so the stuff is good.


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