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Day 52



My skin is sooooooo dry. The skin on my hands are so fragile, it's almost painful to be at work because they dry out and crack and I have to go hours at a time without moisturizing them and it's just :) sigh. The dry/rough patches on my arms and the back of my hands are slowly growing to be more apparent. I'll def have to show my derm when I see her on the 21st.

On the plus side, my makeup looks amazing today. It hasn't budged at all since this morning (I put it on more than 12 hours ago). Very worth the dry skin on my hands to have dry skin on my face (though I fear it will eventually become drier than it is and that wouldn't be fun).

And in other news, I'm newly single and have noticed the amount of people hitting on me skyrocketing.

I like to think it's because of my newfound confidence, thanks to my newfound skin ^_________^

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Hey there...I'm just 3 days ahead of you on my treatment. It's nice to see what others go through compared to what I'm going through at the same stage in treatment. I am starting to get a couple of dry patches on my upper arms. I've heard that applying Aquaphor to those spots should help but I haven't tried that yet. My next appt is on Thursday, the 17th. It's hard to see improvements when you are examining your face every day (me), but when I went to pick up my 2nd month prescription, my pharmacist commented that it looks like it's working!! What a great feeling! Since you can't work out much, have you tried pilates or yoga? I haven't been working out, but I want to. My doc put me on a diet b/c my triglycerides more than doubled, so I'm sure working out would help, I just haven't found the motivation. On a good note, I've lost 6 lbs due to the dieting!! What products do you use on your face? I haven't been blogging on this site, although I wish I would have from day 1! I have been making video blogs and uploading them to YouTube. You are welcome to check them out if you'd like. www.youtube.com/vramirez81 - Valerie

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