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day ?



...Ive lost drack of my days - cant be bothered working it out right now.

Not heaps to report. Have had 4 pimples at the 4 corners of my face. Not sure if i have mentioned this before, but i have an aloe vera plant, so i have been applying the gel from that to pimple scabs etc and it works really well - takes out redness and swelling and heals it quickly.

I got in my car today and just looked at myself in the rear vision mirror - in daylight. Big step. Have been avoiding mirrors for so long. Really liked what i saw too. Looking so much better than what i did a few months ago.

Also considering myself lucky becuse my younger brother has been on 60mg for 9 months and has really suffered with IB, and side effects, whereas i have been relatively smooth sailing...

Okay i am super tired so am going to bed zzzzzzzzzzzz


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