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Month 4 Accutane




Haven't posted in a while...sorry. The Accutane is going great!! I just looked at the pictures I uploaded in my gallery like 2 months ago, and WOW! My face is looking so good now! Not yet where I want it to be, but way better than what it used to be...it's not painful anymore! :D I am really excited about that...I will upload progress pics as soon as I can :(

So far so good with Accutane though...still on 40mg/day and now taking Prednisone 5mg every other day and still washing my face with dove beauty bar :D Using Aquaphor like crazy because my lips are in pretty bad shape...they're pretty disgusting actually and I really need to stop picking at them :) using Cetaphil cream for my face and anything else.

I was out in the sun for like 5 minutes this weekend with a short sleeve and I totally burned up...that's never happened before...I can only assume it's because of the accutane, but oh well...i'm already starting to peel.

That's it...hope everyone is enjoying spring :) bye bye! check back later this week for more pics :(

Yours truly,



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