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Day 67 - OMG MY LIPS!



My lips look and feel horrible!!!! :( They are pealing, red and swollen. They look like I got fat injections in them, I look HORRIBLE! This morning when I got up, peaces of skin were just falling off, it reminded me of the movie "the fly" when he was pealing every were and his nails were falling off as he was typing. LOL...I have never experienced anything like it! :D

someone even asked me at work if I had something doen to my lips...UGH! :)

Oh well....At least my skin is looking much better. My right side is totally clear. It has NEVER looked that way before EVER! My left side still has active pimples but nothing like before. I know for sure it will clear up, I just know it! :)

That's all for now... :D

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My lips are pretty disgusting too :( cracked, swollen, red and they bleed sometimes...it looks like I have lip injections in them :doubt: Good luck :- I am a week into my 4th month.

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