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day 43



Two days ago i ate deep fried chicken and fries and had a few glasses of wine at a friends house, i also drank a coke earlier in the day and my sleep pattern over the night was pretty bad. Anyway two days later and all i can say is this; BOY AM I PAYING FOR A DAY OF RELAXING THIS DIET AND MESSING WITH MY ROUTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) My skin is the worst it's looked for quite awhile. The spots near the lower lip/upper chin are back with a vengence, the ingrown hair on my right cheek shows no sign of fading and i have one HUGE PIMPLE on the side of my head, near my right temple. Also have a few tiny spots on the side of my right cheek.

One thing that this incident has reminded me of (or at least brought to my attention again) is that my acne tends always to be on the RIGHT side of my face while my left side is almost always clear aside from the odd blackhead. My mother has noticed this quite often too and frequently says 'well that (my left) side of your face looks fine'. I have noticed that i also DONT sleep on my right side generally at night so it can t be due to sweat on the pillow cases. It is interesting to me why acne manifests itself in certain areas of the body/face; it's as if the body is trying to tell me something but i dont understand just what it means.

Anyway, i'm going to try in earnest to cut out gluten completely now and i'm going to try and get my fat sources from coconut oil, free range/organic eggs, and virgin olive oil. I really want to bulk up as i'm painfully thin at the moment and it's not good. Sometimes i think i should just give up and eat the junk that i used to a year or so back. I may get more acne but at least i'd have some more body weight.....but this would be quiting and i do really believe that the only way to cure acne is through the holistic approach.

I'll soldier on for now :D


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