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Day 8



Feeling good this morning.

My face: I went to bed last night a little concerned. I took pictures to post in the gallery last night and from the pictures to me it looked like I could be entering the IB. Which I do want to happen b/c the faster that happens, the closer I am to clear skin. Right? BUT, I'm still terrified of it.

But this morning I woke up, and stuff had dried up. No active pimples today. So I'm not sure what's going on. I think I've read that some people get a burst of no pimples, then they go away, and THEN the dreaded initial breakout occurs. So maybe I'm on that track. Again, who knows..? Lips are fine. No peeling or cracking. Just use aquaphor as a precaution. I'm also doing two layers of lotion in the morning. So I glop on one layer of the Cetaphil Restoraderm Skin Restoring Moisturizer. Let it soak all in. Then do a second helping of restoraderm, but mix in a pump of the Cetaphil lotion with SPF 15. I think that's helping keep the peeling at bay, and making it OK for me to still wear a powder which I had to today as I'm going in to work. I'm nervous though, b/c the last two days my skin has looked good in the AM, but then by afternoon I have a couple new zits pop up.

Everything else: Everything else is great. No sore joints or muscles. I'm drinking a lot of water, eating healthy and working out everyday. Taking my supplements and everything feels normal. I have the same itchy scalp, but no dandruff, and most of the time it doesn't itch. Still washing my hair everyday, with shampoo every other day, and conditioning every day.


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