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9 months on the regimen



Just thought i'd pop in and let you guys know how i am going. I am in such a good place right now with my skin. Its the best feeling in the world to wake up every morning and never have pimples on my face. Im happy with my skin tone atm too. I think a lot of my happiness is also due to the fact that im not obsessing over my face anymore. I know some people still get upset that even though they dont have pimples, they still have red marks/blackheads/uneven skin tone. Honestly i dont even care about that stuff. its so insignificant, no one is looking at ur face that hard!! I have some red marks still on my face and i also have a broken capillarie on my cheek that is red but i dont even care. If i want i can cover them with concealer but most days i can't even be bothered. I wanted to get rid of my pimples and i did! so a few imperfections is nothing compared to the hell i was in only 9 months ago. Im now focussing on getting my body in shape and im excited that i dont have to ever think about pimples again! I LOVE U DAN UR A LIFESAVER :)


thought id let you guys know i dont use mandelic acid anymore i ran out like 2 months ago and my skin is so nice still so i didn't bother repurchasing. Not that it is a bad product, its great, and i can see myself using it again in the future as it is anti ageing. Right now my regimen is


wash with cetaphil oily skin cleanser

use dans moisturiser


wash with cetaphil oily skin cleanser

3 pumps bp cream

use dans moisturiser

2-3 times a week i will use his aha at night instead of his moisturiser


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