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gone gone pimples. :)



hi there everyone. :D I specially made an account here at acne.org to share the progress of my face. I started to have pimples when I was in high school, now I'm in third year college. I've tried many products to cure my worst pimples. It started really bad when I used make up in college. Then I used to prick every single pimple that I see on my face. my acne severity is Medium.

Here are the products that I used which didn't work for me (These are available in my tropical country Philippines):

Neutrogena Deep clean foaming cleanser

mary kay Velocity facial cleanser and moisturizer

cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

cetaphil for oil control and pimples

Eskinol cucumber facial cleanser (astringent)

Maxi peel astringent

* effectiveness still depends on the skin type. But this products didn't really work for me

I become more desperate. I took oral medicine Tetralysal for a week. But it's so expensive it costs Php 75.00 or 79.00. I'm just a student and I can't afford to buy anymore. It's a little effective because you can already see that pimples are not showing up. But when you stop taking it, you'll have pimples again. This oral medicine is prescribed by doctors to people with severe pimples cases. It's an antibiotic. Imagine yourself taking antibiotic everyday.It''s not good for the body.

I admit that I can't live without makeup. But when I realized that makeup just triggers my pimples, I stopped applying it. I go to school looking awful without makeup. :D It's ok!

Then last year (december 22, 2010) I bought this facial wash in the grocery, POND'S CLEAR SOLUTIONS ANTIBACTERIAL AND FACIAL SCRUB. the tube is color green. I just bought the smallest one. It's less than Php 30.00. I use it twice a day only, morning and evening. I consumed the tube for 1 and half weeks, I noticed that my face is not oily anymore and no more zits. you can see the effect after you used it once. It's like all the oil in your face is removed. I bought again the medium size (less than php 80.00) then I consumed it just last two days ( march 19, 2011). Now, no single pimple is visible on my face. I'm on my third tube now and I'm glad that there is already a big improvement on my face. no more pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. :(

My pimples marks also lightened because I used POnds white beuaty DETOX once a day, I apply it every night. but sometimes i forget to apply. don't worry. you don't have to follow strictly what's on the direction of the product if you know what you just exactly need. I suggest that you use the DETOX after you already have a clear face, as in more pimples because if you use it while your face has pimples, the facial wash will not work best. and don't put any makeup. I swear! don't be naughty. :)

The key here is DON'T RUSH. Because when you do, you'll become desperate just like me (before) and you'll end up trying products that don't suit to treat your pimples.

EVERYTHING takes time.

The good news is, I can can already put a little powder. the product is Skin White face cream powder. It comes in three shades, White, Beige, and Light Beige- this what I use cause I have light brown skin. I started to apply it last 2 weeks. It's a cream based powder that works like foundation with SPF 10. I just put it in the morning (7am to be exact) and it lasts all throughout the day.

SALAMAT for reading my blog. I hope this can help you to be pimple free and confident! :)


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