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finally ordered acne.org regimen



hey,guys new here and finally ordered my first acne.org and it took me several months finally order this.I dont have that bad acne but they always broke out same area all the time and the worse is on my cheeks!!!!ugh!!!!!i tried photodynamic therapy which is i spent lets say 1500 for everything but after that my acne occured again and got worse.and then i tried silkpeel too which is good too i stop because its costly too and couldnt afford anymore,i tried antibiotics too which is i dont like because of some side effects.and i dont want it into my system,so anyways i tried home remedies which helps me alot like yes alot.i was acne free for like 2mos but i guess totally abused it,i dont have good diet and really having bad eating habit so i guess my whiteheads end up pimplesi usually got one or two but not as bad right now,well i went to this girl who do facials which is so bad decision because she just make my face really bad and i am having some new zits....before i went to her i have it already but its not noticeable and can covered with make up!so now i decided to get acne regimen and i am still going to continue my home remedy which is i cant complain because you just have to be patient.while waiting for my order im just using natural home remedy.lets see what happens! :)


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