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Day 66 - Lips are sooooo DRY!



OMG my lips have become sooooo DRY they hurt so bad...I have been using vasaline and it has been working great but since my increase in mg they have made a turn for the worst. The vasaline is working when is on, but now I'm reapplying like every 5 minutes. And now they are pealling like crazy too. They actually feel and look gross. Even kissing my BF has become painfull :)

Funny things is that''s the only thing that is dry. My face continues to have an oily T zone and I still blot in the am...The later it gets in the day the more dry I get...anyone else experience that?

I have a couple of new pimples still but nothing that I can't handle. I wish I could say I'm completly clear but that's not the case yet....

Side effects are under control also. Body joint and stiffness are still there, but not severe unless I sit or lay down to long.

That's all for now.... :D


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