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60 mg /Day 3!



Hi Everyone!

Roaccunate (or Isotretinoin as my box states) could not be portrayed in an even more scarier light then it already is. Hence, why I'm writing up yet another 'tane blog. I live in London so bare in mind that the procedures I describe may be different from those in other countries!

Ok so I first started getting acne at 11 (I'm 21 now) and it was mainly an on/off problem which before was easy solved by tropical meds/contraceptive pills. Its not a HUGE problem- I have redness on my cheeks and right now my forehead and chin are clear.

But last september ('10) I decided to enough was enough because the spots on my cheeks would just not react to anything I tried (I was on dianette for 5 months previously).

It took 6 months for my GP to refer me to an nhs dermotologist and for me to get an appointment (my gp's surgery is very slow! usually the wait is 2months). :)

Anyway, when I finally saw the dermo, he asked for me to take a blood test, sign a declaration that I will take a contraceptive pill (its part of the law for all women to be on contraceptives when taking this), get a contraceptive pill (dinaette he said was best) prescribed by my GP and to take a blood test.

A week later I returned to the hospital and was told my blood test showed I was healthy and I was prescribed 60mg dose of 'tane to take once a day. I'll be going to see my Dermo every 4 for weeks.

3 days in and I've noticed no side effects. I've been using body shop products- tea tree oil foam cleanser and night cream which I've been mixing with vitamin E oil for extra moisture. During the day I'll be using the body shop's vitamin e moisturising cream. My doctor prescribed me a special body/face wash and cream which I'm going to pick up from the pharmacy tmo- more on that when I start using it.

My cousin was on 'tane last year so she's been advising me a lot on what to expect (mainly dry skin within a week). I'm hoping to have clear skin by my 22nd birthday which is on june 21st so fingers crossed!


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