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Day 6



Still feeling good.

My face: This morning I have three new, very small whiteheads; one by the begginning of my eyebrow, one on the crease of the side of my nose and another b/t the area of my mouth and nose. They are the size of a needle top, so not so bad at all. And I can't do anything to them right? I don't think I've ever left a whitehead alone. What happens? It just goes away? Hmm. The one old cyst on my chin is nearly gone, and the newer one that came up, I think it was yesterday, is the same size or smaller. So I'm doing ok. I should add that that is all I have on my face, three whiteheads, one old cyst and a newer one that's not big. Otherwise skin is clear. This maybe the start of an IB, who knows. Skin is still a little pink/red, but no big deal. And the dryness (very little on my chin) that I woke up with yesterday morning was not here this morning. Yesterday I found some lotion I had from a bad face burn last summer. It's called Cetaphil Restoraderm Skin Restoring Moisturizer for Atopic Skin. It's designed to moisturize itchy, dry skin. So I'm thinking that b/c I applied a good amount of that last night (instead of the Cetaphil lotion), that I wasn't dry flakey this morning. Although the lotion could have nothing to do with it. I think a skin product's effectiveness while on this drug is all speculation since this drug is pretty bi-polar (from what I've read about other's experiences).

Everything else: No sweaty through the night (the first three nights I woke up sweaty). And my lips are a little dryer, butnothing crazy. No flaking or peeling. Just feel a little dry. And that's about it. So all is well. Still very optomistic.

Although I was a little concerned again about the sun for the last two months of my treatment. I assume I'll go through tubs and tubs of SPF. Anyone know of a good one that's sweatproof but also good for the skin. Come July I'll be running for, at times, two hours, so I'll need to find a heavy-duty SPF that's sweatproof but that's decent for your skin. Ugh. I got a couple months to find it. If anyone knows of one, please share.

Talk tomorrow.


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