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Day 10



Well I have a few new friend show up this morning.....BOOOO!

Well I caved and had a few too many beers that night. Its girls night volley ball and yes I thought I deserved it. I know they say you are not to drink while on meds but I just love my beer. We'll have to see if my next blood draw is going to say differently!

My face is getting dryer and dryer. My head is still itchy. Yes I got my first bloody nose today. I have a feeling that I may have a problem with this! When I was younger I would constantly get bloody noses. The doc said that my vessels were close to the surface and if i wanted I could have them burnt off. I never did I just thought it would be painful??

Of all things I seriously think that my complexion is getting better? I could be seeing things but I really do?


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