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Day 5



Feeling good.

My face: New cyst on my chin, pretty close to the other one. Other than that, all other zits on the chin are pretty much the same. A few are drying out and almost gone (but it was thier time anyways). Cheeks and forehead still clear. My chin has a little bit of peeling, but I wouldn't think anything of it if I weren't interrogating my skin every morning. The edges of my nose have a tiny bit of flaking, too. Again, like yesterday, my face has a little bit of a red shade. But nothing crazy, just similar to when you have a light sunburn.

Everything else: Everything else is the same. Eyes are just a little dry. Nothing crazy. Again, probably wouldn't notice unless I was keeping such close tabs on my body. My scalp itches a little, and my hair felt less oily this morning. Again, I don't have oily hair to begin with, so it's not that different than usual. Showered this morning and only conditioned my hair - then I add a good dollop of morraconoil and moracconoil cream to manage the dry hair (as per usual before claravis). Most likely will only shampoo twice a week. See how it goes. Thighs and abs aren't sore anymore at all, but I know now it's b/c it's getting used to Jillian's 30 day shred workout - has nothing to do with the claravis. And no sweaty tank top this morning - didn't sweat in my sleep. Probably TMI, oh well.

And here's my face routine:


Cetaphil cleanser

Skinceutical Pore Refining Toner (are we supposed to use toner on Claravis?)

Cetaphil SPF 15 lotion mixed with a dab of Origins Vita Zing tinted lotion (thanks to my Mom for introducing me to the VitaZing; still love it)

Face powder (like a bare minerals, forget the name right now) - but have been going without powder all week


Cetaphil cleanser

Skinceutical Pore Refining Toner

Cetaphil SPF 15 lotion

And dabs of the clean and clear acne spot treatment (will probably stop using that this weekend as I think the claravis will take over (good or bad))

Then during the day I don't do anything to my face except apply the Aquaphor (as a precuation; no peeling yet on my lips).

I feel good about things so far. I'm actually looking forward to the initial break out, in a weird sort of way, as for me that will mean I'm closer to clearer skin. Also b/c I hate this waiting period. However, my husband and I are going to Boston next weekend, so I'm hoping the IB doesn't crash the party. Beggers can't be...

K, I'll check back in tomorrow.


About the toner...my doc advised me to stop all topical stuff while on Accutane. It could further irritate your skin, more than the Accutane will. The Accutane will do it's job if you just let it. Today is my day 51 and I don't have 1 blemish on my right cheek!! I have about 4 small ones on my left side, but they are not cystic, THANK GOD!! Those are the worst. In case you are interested, here's my face routine:AM:Cetaphil bar soap (in the shower)Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra Calming SPF 15 facial moisturizerMAC studio fix fluid foundationLightly powder with Estee Lauder face powder (Accutane makes it look worse so I go easy on it)Dr. Dan's Cortibalm for my lips!PM:Dove sensitive skin bar soap (I use this with this little silicone facial scrubber that I got from a Loreal face wash product that I bought. It really helps to very gently exfoliate the skin without harming it at all. I even use it on my lips to get the dead skin off without tearing it up.)Neutrogena Light Night Cream - At the beginning of treatment, I would apply ALOT since my skin was SO dry and soaking it up. Now I just apply a normal amount and my face feels so nice when I wake up.Dr. Dan's Cortibalm - I recently ran out and OMG I notice a difference in my lips!! I just reordered but it's always on backorder so hopefully it'll come in soon b/c my lips miss it!That's about it!! Hopefully you will be in the 1% that doesn't get an IB!! Fingers crossed!

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So I know I need to buy a liquid foundation, but I wasn't sure which one to get. Have you been using the Mac liquid foundation since the start? I think I'll have to get some this weekend. And the night cream sounds good too, b/c now I'm using the cetaphil which has the SPF in it which isn't necessary. Thank you so much for posting your routine - going to update mine. When did you have your initial break out - and did you do anything different in your rountine during it other than more lotion?

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Before Accutane, I was using Estee Lauder Double Wear liquid foundation which mattifies your skin and is great for oily skin but that has not been working with my drier skin. I started using MAC about 2 weeks ago and it's kinda helped me but it doesn't cover the spots leftover from my IB.Sad to say, I think my initial breakout started during week 2 and pretty much lasted through last week. But that might be due to the fact that my dosage was increased during month 2. Just try not to pick at your face because it will scar your face. I didn't do anything different during my initial breakout. I just remember that when I had cysts, I would wash my face at night and when I was done, they would be (sorry this is gross) oozing pus out of them. SOOOOO GROSS!! I admit, I would gently squeeze them to get the stuff out so they wouldn't leak on my pillow. That would happen 2 or 3 days in a row sometimes on the same cysts until finally all the stuff came out. I'm so glad I don't really have cysts anymore. What I have now is just mainly regular acne and not too much of it anymore. :boohoo: Stick it out, it'll get better, I promise!

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Hey I was on accutane about two years ago for a 3 month treatment. I wish I kept a diary of my journey, as well as took before and after pics. I think I should have take two treatments, but that time of my life was the worst for me so I thought the psychological problems were from the accutane. It could have been situational as well. I'm only 21, but Ive tried every sort of face cream, antibiotic, birth control, makeup, mineral powder, liquid foundation, etc. I hate it when people give me their advice on something that clearly works for them, but it didnt work for me. So....From my experience on accutane, I could not use much soap/toner on my face or actually my skin overall. My skin just burned when I put anything on it. I used a Dove gentle facial cleanser and thats it. Maybe slathered on baby vasoline because my skin was so brittle and dry. I have true combination skin, and an oily scalp so I didn't mind that I only washed my hair once a week when on accutane. You will see how dry your skin will get and soon realize that it's uncomfortable to use soap/medicated soap.As far as makeup goes, I would stay away from liquid foundation--especially Mac. I used Mac for a while in highschool, and though it covers nicely it's terrible for your skin. You may not breakout initially from it, but acne caused from makeup takes a long time sometimes to show. I realized th little clogged pores and bumps in my skin were from makeup. I personally have stopped wearing makup since being on the DK regimen, which has tremendously helped my skin heal and stop breaking out (for the most part). I used bare minerals, which I found helped but I think it contributed to my breakouts. Just recently I bought Jane Iredale makeup, which I'm sure it's beautiful makeup, but my skin isn't in the right place to wear it haha. It's so dry! Anyways, seriously good luck on the accutane!

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Just to clarify, I'm not telling you to use what I use. I was really just telling you what is working for me at the stage I am at. As far as MAC makeup, all derm's are different and have different opinions. So do your research, test foundations out for yourself rather than take someone else's advice. Otherwise, you will spend lots of money trying lots of different things. Good luck in your search for a good makeup!

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