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I started using



I started using silicon cream on Octomber .It`s brand name is zeraderm but I guess most of the brands are the same .This is what my local pharmacy had .It costs about 40 euros but I passed with it 3 months before ending ,and I put it on many places of my face , so I don`t think that it is so much expensive after all...Having used other creams on the past ,like a snail one(!) called elicina ,one other for scars called kelosoft , vitamen e , and others I don`t remember , I have to say that this silicone one is more easy to use and apply.I put on the morning and on the night, that means almost 24hours a day ( although the first 2 months many nights I was bored to put it and skipped it some times).When you apply a small quantity on your scar and rub it for some seconds , it is absorbed by your skin and it doesn`t show at all even on daylight , something I like so much compared to all other creams I used that always showed...So , I started on octomber , and I had found out about silicon creams for scars by pure luck at that time.I did a small research , found what brands where out on the market .I also saw a small medical study which later I could not find again on the internet , and I wonder why ,that showed three patients , there photos on the start , on the third month , and on the sixth month that the course ended using silicon cream , a different brand I don`t remember , but as I said , probably the brands don`t matter , since silicone is probably the same quality and type.And I saw that on the third month , there was no change on the marks and scars , but on the sixth month , there was much improvement and especially on one of them completelly vanished...So , I said to myself, I have used so many things on the past , why not use this one too , for six months and see what would happen , I had nothing to loose .And I expected from the start that I would not see any improvement the first three months , but later I would...And this was something crucial.Because this belief was needed all those days and nights at the start that I putted it , not knowing if it would do anything , if I was wasting my time.But this strong belief , and that I had nothing else to do to my face except maybe from lazer , which I will never do , once having the bad experience of the chemical peeling,made me continue all these months...The first and second month , my improvement was maybe about 10 -20 percent on my scars , and now on the fifth month , it is about 50 percent..I am satysfied with it , I want to see what will it be like on the sixth month , and probably , I am going to continue this , even for another six months.I am going to put posts here,with Gods will first of all , how am I doing, on the sixth month and later, on the summer , and I hope it turns all good .When I am talking about improvement on my scars , I mean that they are not so deep any more.And according to my silicone cream , although they don`t exactly know how it works , they say that by applying it on your tissue so many hours a day, you block the breathing of your harmed skin, making the lower layers of it going up and starting to fill your scars slowly with new healthy tissue.And it takes much time , many months , as I have found out too , to see progress , you must be very patient , and continue it all this long time..


Sorry , saw your question only now..No, it doesn't sting at all,it has no smell at all .And it has also no color , transparent like water .If you put a small quantity of it ,it doesn't show at all .

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