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1st Day Post Accutane!!



Last night, I swallowed my very last accutane pill! It feels so good to finally be done! I still don't feel like I can make a proper evaluation until I see the post-tane results, but as of today....

I have one active pimple. It's teeny tiny and it's on its way out so I'm not complaining. I would have begged for a pimple like this 6 months ago! Last night, I practically searched with a magnifying glass to find a blackhead or clogged pore, but literally, I don't have one. My previously huge pores are invisible now.

Accutane cleared my skin beautifully, but I can't bring myself to be completely happy because of this massive indentation left by my cortisone injection. I'm very frustrated....No, PISSED, that my dermatologist told me the shot has NO side effects whatsoever. Now I am left with a 1/2" by 1/4" hole on my cheek. It looks horrid and it's way worse than any scar I have ever had from acne. If the hole doesn't fill in soon, I'm seriously considering taking legal action.


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