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Feeling like crap today



My mom said something else about my skin today, how I need to take a topical antibiotic and such. I just feel like crap now. She doesn't realize how much better my skin is, even though there's a lot of scars/red marks now. I just wore so much makeup before that it wasn't so noticeable. *crying*

I'm going to meet my new doctor today. It's been years since I went to my derm (probably over 6) and my old doc is the one who prescribed accutane and antibiotics in the past. The acne cosmetica is gone after using the BP. My doc prescribed clindamycin for the little "pebbles" on my skin, which was from makeup.

So my life will go on. I just desperately want clear skin. I look at these girls with gorgeous skin, but yet they are so empty inside. At least I have character and love, which is what matters in the long run. Looks will fade. If it's not acne, I'll have wrinkles.

I gosta go! Wish me luck with my new doc.


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