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Day 4



My face: Woke up this morning and the cyst on the chin is less swollen and less painful. I use the clean and clear spot treatment (silver, small triangle tube) at night on the big ones, so that could be the reason it's getting better. I again am doubting that the clavaris is doing anything yet. I had a new whitehead between my nose and mouth, tiny. And all other zits on my chain were pretty much the same, if not a little less. Forehead and cheeks still the same, clear. Also on my way out the door today I noticed that my face was all over more red.

Also, I have acne only on my face, and upper neck sometimes, so if I do breakout on my chest or back I'll now that's the accutane doin it's thing. I haven't noticed dryer skin which it seems most people do pretty early on. But I've never had super oily skin.

Everything else: This mornig woke up with a sweaty tank top again. Not sure what that is, so we'll see if that continues. I went to a play last night and I noticed that my eyes were dry, but not too bad. No sore joints, but sore muscles, but again I'm going to blame Jillian's workout video for that not the drug. She's hardcore.

So I have pretty dry, coarse curly hair and from my views on this site it seems that a lot of accutane/clavaris patients have/had a history of really oily hair so they welcomed what accutane did to their hair routine as far as not having to wash it reguarly. I don't right now (wash my hair daily b/c it's so dry already), so I'm thinking mine will be extra brittle and dry. Ugh. Nervous about that. And nervous about that tiny, small little side effect of hair your falling out (!!!). I can't imagine.

All for now.


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