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Day 63 - MAJOR side effect!



Last night I had a new side effect that really through me for a loop. I was cooking dinner and all of a soden I started to sweat like I never have in my life! :D It was like someone turn on a fosset and let it run. It really scared me because I have never been a person who sweats much, not even when it's 110 degrees in AZ...with the sweats also came a HUGE heachache and I also got very light headed...I actually thought I was going to pass out. It lasted a good hour before it all stoped. It was really weird seeing my shirt drench in my own sweat...I'm just glad it only lasted an hour....

Has anyone ever had something like that happen? Please let me know....haven't called my derm to tell her since it went away...I'm thinking that if it does happen again I will call her ASAP.

I also have a couple of new white heads by my jaw on my left side, but nothing hidous that I can't cover with makeup. My right side looks completly clear of pimples and cystic acne. I do have lots of red marks and dark spots that I'm hoping will diminish in time.

My left side (which has always been the better side) has some pimples and lots of scaring. It has surprised me that is the side that's taking the longest to clear up when it has always been the less one to have flareups...I guess in time both sides will look amazing! PRAYING :)


I get sweaty/dizzy like that when I haven't eaten in a while (low blood sugar). :- Other than that I don't know what it could be.

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Hey I am on day 7 of my treatment (check out my new blog) but this morning when i woke up i was drenched! the sheet on the bed where i was lying was wet with sweat!!! i dont sweat at night ever! nd it was a cool/coldish night. so I def knw it was the Oratane.

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