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My past . In teenage years I had medium to severe acne.I was always ashamed of myself , lonely , antisocial , hated going to school and people seeing my face red...I went to some dermatologists starting at 15-16 .They prescribed me topical creams , washing cream soaps, and antibiotics .But , acne would always be there .The only good thing at that times was that my face was very oily , and even if I popped zits or cysts , no marks, scars would happen . At about 19 , I used Accutane...Didn`t get to finish on it normally , because some side effects started on about the second month..And worse , while getting it , from the first month , my acne became so worse that all my face was completely red with big acne cysts as never before...I didn`t care at first so much , because I knew that this is how it worked .At first your acne becames worse , and later, it starts to disapear and your skin exfoliates and exfoliates , taking away the scars made, leaving you perfect white skin .But on me , the side effects started when acne had started to disappear , but my exfoliation process had started too but was still on the start .So , I stoped it , and was left whith many scars all over my face as never before..And after 4-5 months, acne did reapear but not so severe... Later , after one two years , I did get rid of acne , almost completely, although even now , in my thirties , I might get a zit out maybe once every 2-3 months, but this is nothing...How I got rid of acne ? It was quite simple...I wish I had done it from teenage years, although I can`t say for sure that it would have worked then..My solution:I stopped touching my face completely.no fingers , no touching , no washing even(!).And the acne spots , cysts , zits , would start after some days to go away..And if I had a new spot go out , I would always remember that it was in the place that I had touched my face with my hands the previous day..I don`t know if , it would work on everyone else , but it worked for me.No soaps , no creams , just not touching my face... Something else that I used , that I don`t thing it was good for my skin, but I didn`t care at that time, was putting some medical alcohol on a piece of coton and puting it on my zits for some seconds . So , I finally got rid of acne, but was left with so many scars from accutane..Before 2 years , I got fed up with my face situation , how it still affected my life as my scars made me with no confidence..I decided to do a chemical peeling.I went to a dermatologist and she did it.I remember my skin burning where she putted it , only on the scar places , and pain as I have never felt before..And I am a man that can tolerate pain and would always be the last to say something about pain on other occasions in life...The result of the chemical peeling, I was left with even deeper scars , and my skin never regenarated..I tried aftrer a while dermarollers , they didn`t do anything , waste of money..I tried all short of home remedies, lemon , garlic , nothing , maybe they made scars worse.From autumn , I started silicon cream , and now , after 5 months I have started to see some results on my scars and improvement...


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