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Day 21



Old breakout is healing. Old scars are shown, but I've read that when using accutane old and new scars become more visable resulting from the disapperance of the acne. When face is covered with acne the scars are not noted until acne is cured. That's right, but when having acne you almost always just think about all red cysts and pimples, when these fade, left behind are all the scars.

If I can understand me correctly (which is difficult sometimes) it's not the acne that I'm having a hard time with at the moment, but the scars. We're not talking about a few, but a hugh amount and they make my face look dirty even though using a shower. But I need to be calm, because my derm says I need to be acne-cured before starting a treatment.

Today I will upload some new pictures. I'm planning uploading pictures a couple of days a week. Because when you have a before and after picture, it's easier to see an improvement. I think we become blinded by what we see every day in our mirror and that leads to not seeing the actual improvement. If you compare starting exercising it's exactly the same thing happening. One might think that we haven't gained any or gotten any muscles after 6-12 months, but having a before picture you'll notice a hugh difference. The same applies here. Therefore I urge anyone who starts a new treatment of some kind, take pictures! It's so worth it in the end and you will get much more satisfied with your result.



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