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Still breaking out



I'm not sure actually how long I've been on the regimen. I've finished the first month (yay!) and in the middle of week 5. Last week my skin was doing preeetty good. I don't stick precisely to the regimen. I can think of contributing factors to my skin breaking out--not being gentle. I know this because I have a zit in the center of my forehead that I remember a week/few weeks ago lightly rubbing to get rid of flakes. Now, I don't pick or touch my face/pimples like I used to. I wait til a pimple is pleading to be popped to pop with needle nose tweezers. I just need to stop rubbing or be very gentle with my skin.... I began eating gluten again, and have had some some desserts/dairy the last few days. Ugh.

On Friday I tried the AHA+ on my face. It doesn't burn as much as I thought it would. I mean, the BP in the beginning burned more in my opinion. It really helped with the flakes, but I hope it won't contribute to a break out. I used it on my back and chest and its doing wonders. It's just a pain to do the regimen on my back/chest. I hope as I continue to use it the scars will fade. I think the BP makes the redmarks/scars stand out more. ?

Now, the problem areas are still my left cheek and right jawline.

The regimen on my face:

1-2 pumps cleanser, exfoliate with jojoba oil and cotton pad. (this really helps to get rid of flakes and moisturize my skin. 1 pump of BP (which goes on smoother with jojoba oil underneath), 2 pumps moisturizer with 5 drops jojoba oil.

I haven't been increasing the amount of the BP. I felt the the extreme dryness wasn't letting my skin "breathe" or heal or let previous pimples come to surface. My face is still dry, but NOT red and swollen like it was. It's like I woke up one day and my skin look normal; I think it's finally getting used to the BP. I still apply the most BP on the problem areas. I think a breakout occured as well is because I didn't take birthcontrol last month, and haven't this month. Long story, but I've been extremely busy.

My friend yesterday said that my face is clearing up and not so red anymore. This made my day. She has seen my skin without makeup of course. But then last night at dinner with my parents, my mom said something about my skin. She says she doesn't want to see me suffer. she suggested I use a topical antibiotic like i did in the past, and I just said those don't work. I was angry at this comment, but I know she means well. It NEVER fails. for her to comment on my skin. I felt discouraged since I've really changed my ways and am diligently trying to clear my skin. I try really hard to forget about my skin during the day. She hasn't seen me in a while due to working so much, so she hasn't seen how much my skin has improved. Plus, I wore a ton of makeup which hid the scars. It's mainly now the scars I will try to treat. UGh.... When I look at the scars, (though my skin is smooth and relatively pimple free) I'm reminded of how bad the acne WAS. So I'm still optimistic about the regimen; I just HATE the dryness. Very slowly I will increase the dosage.

I called my doctor so I could be switched to Ortho-tricycline low. I used this form of birthcontrol in highschool and it kept my skin pretty clear, but when I went off of it a few years ago is when I had horrible acne, which lead to accutane, which success was temporary. So I will take the nausea in order to have clear skin. Plus, I need to use the acnepril capsules twice a day.

Trying to remain optimistic. I read the success stories and look at pictures of people who have had great success with the regimen.

Goals for improvement:

Stop touching face. includes rubbing/scratching no matter how lighty.

Drink lots of water

Take acnepril capsules 2x day.

Slowly increase BP to 1 1/2 pump by week 6

Take ortho-tricycline low

Avoid tomotoes and processed foods.

I need encouragement. I don't see how I could possibly use the full amount of BP. I would seriously damage my skin doing that. Maybe by 6 months of the regimen, I might be up to 2 pumps. We will see.


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