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The pimple on my cheek, hereafter referred to as the cyst, is HUGE and HURTS. Im trying to work out wheather or not to go to the shop to get apple cider vinegar to put on it to act as a poultice and draw it out...or put on the Benzac 10%.... Anyone used cider while on Roac?

Im so embarrassed by this monster :) Its taking over my whole face and i have a conference to go to on Thurs... I dont want to network when i look like this! Also weighing up going back to the derm for an injection tomorrow...



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Hi there! I know exactly how you feel! I recommend you go to the derm and get it injected with the steroids, is the only thing that has worked for me. By the next day it will be gone. I have tried putting medecine on my cyst and all it does it makes it really red and it doesn't shrink at all. Good Luck!

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Thanks KC! After the derm mentioned having mine injected, i actually went back through your blog, because i remember you saying you were going in to your derm to get injections! As it turns out, last night i was washing my face - put a pit of pressure on it, and BAM it exploded ha ha...im so happy its not hurting anymore!As i follow your blog, i also want to wish you luck with you higher dose! You CAN get through it :boohoo:

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