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Day 1 Claravis



Hey! I want to share with you guys my journey on Accutane. I have done extensive research on the product to prepare me for the treatment course. I am a research junkie. Anyway, what I found during my research is that there are not a lot of Women of Color who have taken the medication and have publicized their results. So, I am here to share my Accutane journey with you.

I am a black female, aged 41 (yes I am older...and wiser) :). I had acne during high school but it sort of tapered off for a while. Over the past four/five years it has gotten progressively worse. Possbily due to life stressors (divorce, single mom, teenagers, etc). I don't have constant pimples but when they do show up they leave horrible brown scars and hyperpigmentation. Plus, my skin is SUPER oily! I hate that more than anything. I have used so many products and antibiotics that it makes me sick thinking about how dermatologist world wide are quick to suggest the same ole treatments.

Anyway, I picked up my Claravis 20mg two times a day as my beginning dosage. I am looking forward to having dry skin no matter how much ppl have talked about how drastic the dryness can be. I will post pics on the site so you guys can see my progress. Anyway, day 1 and I am so excited. I'm a divorced single mom of two teenagers who is preparing for an empty nest. Wish me luck!!



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