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Chin and Jawline cysts and regular pimples



So been going to ex-bf drama...lots of crying+not eating healthy+not drinking enough water+not taking supplements=major cysts on jawline and chin....

so heres the breakdown, when you cry prolactin the stress hormone also responsible for lactation goes in overdrive. Prolactin increases the production of 5 alpha reductase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to DHT which is what causes acne!!!!

Zinc has been known to inhibit this enzyme! which explains why i never break out no matter how much i cry when i'm on my zince supplement....

so taking my zinc (50mg) again along with other antioxidant vitamins: Vitamin A (20,000iu)=reduces sebum production and helps heal skin, Vitamin C=helps kill and prevent infections, Milk thistle=to help my liver functioning (too much vitamin A can do damage to your liver)

I wanna throw Vitamin E back in the mix when i get paid...

on my face i'm testing out different products: calamine, cortizone, clearasil 4 hour, and grapeseed oil

I tried Mario Badescu for a week or two: drying cream= fail, drying lotion: good but too drying and stinging and made it all red, buffering lotion: too drying===so although they helped shrink and dry it was way to drying, made them all red and couldn't prevent new zits, also realized they used way too much alcohol in their products and the ingredients were way cheaper than what they were charging such as calamine, a proven acne fighter which ranges from 1-5 bucks compared to 17!

So we shall see what product works best....

I;ve gone through this...way more major in the past...leaving it alone is not an option...never leave a zit alone...last time i waited then pimples just took over...start eating better, drinking lots of water, and use atleast calamine....it does speed up recovery...probably not in a day but faster than 6 months like what happened to me last time..i waited to long to treat...


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