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Tlee and 'Tane

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derm today



I am holding an iceblock wrapped in a tissue to my cheek right now. My pimple has doubled in size since last entry. The iceblock trick definately works for reducing swelling, redness and pain. It was throbbing most of today :D My derm said thismorning that depending on how it goes she could inject it with antibiotic...has anyone had this done? Im assuming its not the same as steriod/cortisone? Does it scar? In the meantime im going to continue to ice, and put on Benzac 10% which my brother left at my house. I have never used it before, so hopefully it doesnt burn a hole in my face :)

So anyway, back to my derm appointment today - it went really well - yaya! I think my course is going to be reduced to 4-5 months instead of 6. My next appointment is in 3 monts and she said it should be my last. She said 'im not going to increase your dose because your dry enough'. I thought that was interesting....they actually go on how dry your skin appears, evidently.

I havent mentioned this previously, but i have been using Advantan Cream 0.1% on 2 lumps that had been under my skin for a number of months prior to starting 'tane. The result is great - the lumps have dramatically shrunk. They still have a bit to go, but have gone from notceable, to unnoticeable. Also, i have forgotton to mention in previous posts, i had to start taking fibre pills really early on in my course...hope you get my drift

I need a new foundation because im nearly out, and im thinking of going from revlon new complexion to revlon photo ready....but im not sure wheather to stick with what i know or not...hmmm. I noticed that the photo ready has an odd mesh over the foundation - weird.

My lips are super dry today :)


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