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Week 15 /9 LJ/9 BADmask /7 LP and Vitex /1 new supplements and carrots spf



Skincare: Castile soap. Clarisea salts and scrub. Dickinsons after mmu. Grape seed oil. NEW: YES TO CARROTS SPF on right side of face. Also, going to wash face twice everyday this week as it didn't dry out with twice semi daily washings last week.

Diet: 1-2 vitex and 4 tbsp LJ continued with. 1 NATURE'S PLUS. .5 TSP CODLIVER OIL. .5 TSP EVENING PRIMROSE OIL.

3/12/11 MORNING: sulfur soap on 7 minutes. natures. grape seed oil and carrot spf. AFTERNOON: vitex, cod liver oil.

NIGHT: castile. sulfur mask on for 17 minutes (too long?). grape seed oil. primrose oil. vitex. 4tbsp LJ.

3/11/11: MORNING: cod liver oil

AFTERNOON: castile soap. vitex. grape seed oil and carrot spf

NIGHT: nature's. 10 minute soak in 1 scoop, 5 minute interruption with

clarisea scrub and .5 scoop added for last 10 minutes. grape seed oil. .5

tsp primrose oil.

3/10/11: MORNING: rinse, nature's

AFTERNOON: sulfur soap on for 9 minutes. grape seed and carrot spf

NIGHT: cod liver oil, vitex. sulfur mask for 13 minutes then sulfur on spots.

Grape seed oil. primrose oil. 4 tbsp LJ.

3/9/11: MORNING: rinse, cod liver oil, vitex

AFTERNOON: clarisea scrub for 7 minutes in shower. grape seed oil and carrot


NIGHT: nature's?. 3 minute soak in 2 scoops interrupted by clarisea scrub.

grape seed oil. sulfur mask on spots. nature's. 4tbsp LJ.

3/8/11: MORNING: rinse. cod liver oil. vitex. Sulfur soap in shower for 6 minutes.

grape seed oil and carrot spf.


NIGHT: castile, sulfur soap for 5 min. grape seed oil. nature's, primrose oil.

4tbsp LJ.

3/7/11: MORNING: clarisea scrub on for 6 minutes total. grape seed oil and carrot spf

AFTERNOON: 1 nature's, sulfur soap. grape seed oil and carrot spf

EVENING: cod liver oil.

NIGHT: 5 minute soak in 3 scoops. Gently rubbed half scoop on face. Sulfur mask on spot

areas, grape seed oil. 4tbsp LJ. primrose oil

3/6/11: MORNING: mmu. castile, castile, dickinsons. half and half with grape seed oil and

carrots spf. vitex. Nature's. Cod liver oil

NIGHT: castile. sulfur mask for 11 minutes. grape seed oil. primrose oil.


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