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cheek pimples that just won't leave..help?



I used to get acne on the apples of my cheeks, very big, painful, greasy looking pimples. They were the type that was a bulild up of small pimples, so it would look like one giant one. I used to pop them but i just got tired of doing it so i stopped nd used a scrub for my face and i cleared up very well. I also went to a dermatologist and had a blue light treatment done. I didnt see the results i was hopeing for but it did work to a degree.

two years down the road i cut my hair short above my chin. my hair hangs on my face and always touched the sides of my face. I broke out very badly so i started wearing my hair back, out of my face all the time, and I still do. The acne on my cheeks were just not going away. They started to build up but they were dry! really dry nd they did not turn in to whiteheads at all. I did pop some of them but it was like i never popped it. Same pimple, same exact spot and just itchy from scabs and i always pick at my scabs so they were always blistered and red. benzoyl cream does not work and leaving it alone does not work. i don't know what else to do. i used a scrub and gentley washed my face but it doesn't do anything at all. I've used antibiotic ointments because those seem to bring all of my pimples to a white head but it didn't do anything. It is very painful and annoying, please help! any suggestions or tips? and i cannot go to a dermatologist all willy nilly because my mom is either always sleeping or working, any advice would be greatly appreciated :)


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