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Steps to get rid of acne



At the end of the day I have no real idea on what causes my acne. That is probably my major source of frustration.

Because birth control worked so well I think my acne could be correlated to hormones. My husband says I break out just before my period, but I haven't noticed. I think I have zits all the time. My husband has also suggested it is our sheets b/c I get more zits on the side of the face that I sleep on. He has a bit of a point, so we have started to change the sheets more often. No change yet…

As I mentioned our diet is not that bad. I plan on cutting out more junk, meaning I won't go to Starbucks for a mid-afternoon snack anymore. I will eat more whole foods.

I am going to start to take supplementations: fish oil, multi-vitamin and pro-biotics. I am also thinking of upping my Vitamin A, E and C. I am a nutritionist and one of my text chapters is on Acne. It gives suggestions on supplements and diet and I am going to look further into those.

I have started to shower and wash my face immediately after exercising.

We will see if anything helps...


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