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Cleaning regime



After reading this site, and looking at other suggested remedies. I am just confused! And annoyed, and frustrated. It is obvious that there is not one solution for fighting acne, and not every solution will work for everyone.

A little bit more history: After I went off of birth control I gave Pro-Active a shot. It worked well enough, but when I had my face photgraphed by a Derm he said I had a lot of sun damage. Ok, I tan infrequently and I always use sunscreen when outside, so how did I get all this sun damage? The Derm said it was the result of all of the zit remedies I had tried, like Pro-Active. It basically wrecks the skin.

With that in mind I am trying to manage my acne using a completely holistic and natural approach, no antibiotics, no special "zit" creams, no chemicals and no Pro-Active.

The first thing I did was toss out my moisturizer and started using jojoba oil on my face. I have an oily T-zone, so I was a little concerned, but jojoba oil doesn't clog pours and so far I love it! I have not gotten more pimples that I can directly correlate the start of my jojoba oil use, so I am assuming it is not causing more acne. But my skin feels nice and soft, and I don't notice lots of oily residue.

I was using PRFX cleanser and toner that my derma gave me. It is an alpha beta cleanser and toner that was suppose to help even out my skin tone and surface. I am pretty neutral on it. It didn't seem to cause more pimples or reduce the pimples, my skin looks about the same. So I say no harm no foul. But I didn't like the alpha hydroxy acid in it because I am trying to nurture my skin back to health, not continue to destroy it by stripping the top layer off with an acid. So, once the bottle ran out I bought a different cleanser, sukin cream cleanser. List of ingredients include Aloe, Sesame seed oil, rose hip, cocoa butter, avocado oil, etc. Other than a few preservatives (like alcohol) it is all natural. It feels a bit oily on, but so far I like it. I am going into my second week with it, I will keep you posted on my thoughts.

I still use the PRFX toner as I have a tonne left, and I keep reading I should use a toner. I haven't made an opinion on it yet.

I wash my face at night, but only rinse in the morning. I found this helps with the dry skin on my cheeks, and I think washing in the morning is not necessary as all I did the night before was sleep. I wash my face after I exercise. If I don't reapply any make-up after I exercise I won't wash my face before bed. Again, I find it helps my skin from becoming too dry.


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