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Day 43. Major-ish update.



Acne status: Small pimples have stopped forming. Instead, I'm getting about 2-3 large and painful cysts a week. I don't like this one bit!!! I feel like I'm regressing, like the Accutane isn't working like it used to. Arghhh.

Side effects: My whole body is just sooo dryyy.

I'm about 60% sure that rashes on my hands are starting to develop... they're kinda red and blotchy, like, you know all the little dots where those fine hairs come out? They're red and inflamed-looking.

Also, yesterday I was at Sephora looking for a new foundation because my Revlon ColorStay liquid is flaking off of my face (and I'm using the normal/dry formula). While trying on different foundations, I used their makeup remover a few times... by the time I left my face looked sunburned, it was soooo red and BURNING. Even later that night I couldn't put water on my face without it burning. Washing was awful. :)

Actually, you know what? I think the makeup remover is what made the back of my hands all red today (trying out different foundations there before putting them on my face). I take back my statement about the rash. I'm only 40% sure it's a rash now.... 60% sure it's just because of the sting-y makeup remover. :D

On a positive note, I got a free sample of some Nars, and I had some success in-store with YSL foundation. Alas, I'm too poor to buy either at the moment because Accutane is eating into my spending money for the next six months.


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