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day 34



Acne is the bane of my life. The huge spot near my nose has gone down somewhat but i have another fairly big one forming on my cheeck in the beard area. On top of that my hyperpigmentation scars below my lips and above my chin have become more red again. There's no actual acne there but the scars are definitely worse. I attribute this to a very rough night on thursday where i hardly got any sleep and i drank a diet coke.

It's very frustrating being on this diet as people give you a lot of conflicting information about what is acceptable and what is not. My book that i'm reading tells me that grains and pumpkin/sunflower seeds are fine, others say they are both a big no-no when it comes to fighting candida. Some people say that a small amount of fruit is fine...others that ANY sugar will feed candida and that you shouldnt eat it under any circumstance. I do wish people would form one unified opinion sometimes....it would certainly help poor unknowing souls like me :)

Anyway i stop this diet at the end of this month and if it doesnt work i'm going to try the glutten free diet (which means i'll be able to eat fruit again at least)


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