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I'm Charlie, I'm fifteen years old and I have acne.

I've suffered with acne for nearly three years. For two and a half of those years, I have coped with acne well and have not let it affect me. However, as I got older and my acne got worse, I 'snapped' and decided to really do something about my condition.

Having gone through hundreds of trips to my GP and collected an endless stream of both topical and oral acne 'treatments' (everything from doxycycline to erythromycin to quinoderm to BP), I looked in the mirror one day a few weeks ago and decided that I was no longer going to put up with acne. The anxiety it brings about, the paranoia it manifests in you, the limiting effects it has on your social life... I'd had enough. So I got Accutane (following a quick four-week course of steroids and antibiotics).

This place will be a personal log of my progress... So if you drop by, please leave a comment or something! All are welcome.



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