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Day 30



So i had my one month appt today with my derm. She said that she couldn't hope for better. We agreed that i escaped all of the serious side effects, and also evaded most of the initial breakout. So on ward! now if only i could remember my iPledge id.. gotta get my wallet...

today my peeling was minimal. I plan on showering tomorrow morning to scrub down my body, but i am debating washing my hair. Almost curious to see how long i can go without washing it. I am on day two without a wash, and everything looks pretty normal.

I bought new chapstick, to experiment. soft lips seems to absorb quickly, but if i let it, it leaves a moist feeling behind. Also nivea is nice when i need an instant relief.

my black heads are disappearing, but the white heads under the skin are still around. I have two dying little pimples on the outside of my mouth.

I can wear makeup all day and still look good at 7:pm. It is like magic. and suddenly, i dont find myself covering my mouth when i talk. I am also comfortable looking my fiance i the eyes, at close range. the emotional difference is the most amazing thing.

The dry skin pretty much sucks. But for me (and as i said, i got pretty lucky with side effects) this has been a wonder drug.


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Hi, you sound exactly like me at my 4 week appointment. I couldn't believe how great it was all working. The lack of oiliness is the best! No greasy hair or make-up sliding off. I'm in my 8th week now, still no breakouts but feeling very tired and stiff all over with bizarrely aching heels. Despite this though i still think it could be so much worse. :boohoo: Good Luck with it all. (P.S. E45 for the dry skin works wonders for me).

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My hair is SUPER dry also, and I can go a whole week with out washing it. It looks and feels exacltly the same as day 1 as it does on day 7 and it doesn't smell at all. I was super oily and don't miss it at all..For your dry lips...I recommend plain old vasaline. I use it all the time and it's great. I even place a little bit of lipstick and then the vasaline and it looks like a pretty lipgloss. Good luck!

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