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Day 1 [up way too late]



I reciecved my Acne.com facial products, 'cleanser' 'treatment' and 'moisterizer' today. I began them tonight since starting out it is recommended that i only use the 'treatment' (bp) once a day and since i can no longer wear makeup i'd prefer not to look like a lobster tommrow all day (i might any way who knows???).

I could go on and on about my years of acne and all the treatments i have tried but i'm already up way way past my bed time (usually 9:30. i have to be at work at 530, so i usually get up at 4 to be ready in time).

ANYWAY I followed the treatment EXACTLY. i had no problems (yes the bp does kinda sting a little but i expected that) with any of the process accept the 3 full pumps of moisterizer. I dont know if i have a really small face or what but 3 pumps was enough to moistrize my whole face, neck, hands and forearms. however i sat there and paitently 'glided' ALL the moistrizer on my face for what seemed like the full 15 min. then i took another 15 min to dry. I need to check the directions again and see if i can use a little less or to make sure that i did it all right. I want to do exaclty as recommended as that is what seems to work for people. if that means rubbing moistrizer on to my face for 15 min every day well i'll suck it up but it seemed kinda... wasteful?

i took lots of pics. i'll put them up tommrow when i'm not so tired!

- <3 Anna's Mom

***i just re-read the instructions (which i printed the check list to use in the bathroom but it's not as detailed as the online instructions, and i was supposed to use 3 full pumps of moistrizer, however i was only supposed to glide it on for 2 min. i probably did it for 5 (give or take)...


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