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Day Eleventy Million



So I'm still using the Atralin on my chest, and I think it's helping... it got worse first, which is typical with retinol, and now it's starting to clear up, but good christ. It's 75 degrees outside and I can't wear a tank top.

Hopefully it'll be clear before it gets really hot outside. Damn you, Texas.

In other news, I still have little whiteheads on either side of my chin. The atralin is working slow on that business. But there are fewer of them.

I just hate that it's on my face now. Used to be I had pretty skin on my face. Ever since I went off hormonal birth control, I get one or two around my chin, but lately... I don't know what it is. I'm almost 34... should be over with this crap.

My chest itches.



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