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Chin acne



Ok so its been like 3 years since my last post. Been doing ok. My face is 100% clear when i stick to a holistic treatment. Meaning just eating my daily value of the right foods. But do not get me wrong for individuals prone to acne you can't follow the food pyramid religiously.. For some you will need to cancel the dairy and wheat. Stay away from fricken Mcdonalds!!!!

My current status is my chin has blown up like it did three years ago. I always break out in cysts and multiple white heads from the mouth down whenever i have a big emotional breakdown situation. These situation always has to do with breakups. I always date stupid guys that i end up falling for then have to break it off cuz the smart half off my brain turns on...too bad too late when its harder to let go and on top of that my 1 month old niece dies...(ok nuff about the personals!)

The main point is, if i had been eating right I would not have broken out. I've tested this theory and I only break out if my body is not equipped to with stand the stress of certain situations. So guys take care of your body and your body will show you thanks...yes it sucks that our clear faced friends can do whatever they want, but get over it, stop being angry and take care of yourself, pretty sure those that dont may not show it in their skin but their insides are dying...ewe

So yeah, my current regimen...healthy diet, lots of water

diet is the main thing but topicals always give me peace of mind so:

apricot cleanser

mario badescu drying lotion, buffering lotion (every other night)

neutrogena retinol multivitamin moisterizer

sulfur mask once a week

gonna try go back on aloe at night,,,it helped before


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